‘The Korean Taste Touring Handbook’ is a guide to traditional flavours from South Korea. In order to instil a sense of both the‘traditional’ and ‘historical’, I have used the roughness of the reverse side of the kraft paper to create the book cover. This imparts the Chinese characters and images an uneven texture when printed, and conveys an ancient and minimalistic design sentiment. The paper band around the cover is made from high-quality paper that accentuates the details of the photography. The paper band and cover combined generate a sense of contrasting beauty. 

韓國味道散步手帖 - 本書報導韓國古早味的庶民美食,如何呈現古樸感是在做這本書的首要目標,選用牛皮卡紙作為書封,並刻意印製加工在粗糙面,使其標準字與插圖有著不完整的樸拙感,而書衣則選用能完整表現照片細節的紙張,希望營造出衝突的美感。
Book Design, 170 x 220mm, 144pages, 2015
Client | Sunrise Press