Poster design for Narstalgia, a Royal College of Art production. ‘Narstalgia’ is a portmanteau (Narwhal & Nostalgia), witch was created by the film director Rob Chang Chien to address the issues of ecological grief and solastalgia in Greenland, Iceland, and other places in Arctic, and give the awareness of climate change to the public.

替好友張簡長倫設計他在 Royal College of Art 的畢業電影海報,電影名稱 Narstalgia 其實是由獨角鯨(Narwhal)與鄉愁(Nostalgia)這兩字的所組合的複合字,導演想藉由其名稱點出以格陵蘭與冰島為首的北極地區,所發生的一連串環境悲傷(Ecological Grief)與環境鄉痛(Solastalgia)等現象,以喚醒大眾對環境變遷的正視。
Poster, A3, 2020