Junction is a non-profit online platform created by Taiwanese art and design students in London. It serves to establish an archive of different perspectives on design, culture and lifestyle. As a platform we aim to foster a dialogue with our audience and produce content covering academic experiences, industry insights and offline events.


Brand Identity, 2019
Client | Junction art & design platform

Logotype design:
For this logotype design I drew inspiration from the meaning behind Junction’s name, a synergy between London’s world famous tube network and the interconnectivity between us that drives creativity. I developed a new typeface utilising historical British typeface Baskerville and Johnston Underground, a custom typeface made for the London Underground, to respond to our slogan: Creativity Archive of London Youth.

考慮到 Junction 的命名由來及其發起地位於英國倫敦,此 Logotype 的設計便參考了倫敦著名的地鐵字體 Johnston Underground 及英國經典的襯線字體 Baskerville 去做結合,表現出襯線字體該有的知識性及倫敦地鐵字體的趣味幾何特徵。在視覺上也希望能呈現 slogan 字面上所表達的活力與朝氣。

Colour Palette:
I was inspired by the colour values of the London Underground map. Utilising the black and blue of the Northern and Piccadilly lines for our main brand identity and the red, pink, turquoise and yellow of the Central, Hammersmith and City, DLR and Circle lines for our secondary palette.

色調的選擇上則來自倫敦地鐵線的顏色,主色調的黑色 Northern line 與藍色 Piccadilly line,其輔助色則挑選較為年輕活潑的顏色 Central line、DLR line、Hammersmith & City line 及Circle line。