As an international student, I was very excited about trying new things at the beginning of the term, but as a “non-proficient” speaker of English, I felt constantly frustrated by the language barrier which hindered my access to information and ability to communicate with my class. My frustrations contributed to a deep sense of loneliness which became the focus of my research. I became interested in personal perspectives of loneliness, in particular those of non-native/proficient speakers of English.

This digital space contains interviews conducted with international students in London. Through a series of playful Interactions in typography, it aims to facilitate empathy and an understanding of the challenges that communicating in a second language presents.

RCA MA 畢業專題製作,以自身的經驗去延伸探討『語言隔閡』對國際學生的阻礙,藉由網站虛擬空間中具互動性與玩味的 Typography 去呈現訪談的內容,以較輕鬆詼諧的方式讓這一沈重的話題能被大家廣泛討論,希望能藉此讓英文母語人士理解非英文母語人士的難處並產生同理心 。


Art Direction & Visual Design by @bychendesign
Front-End Development by Chiun You 

Digital Space, 2020
Degree Show RCA2020, Royal College of Art, London, 2020

I do remember comparing myself with perfect English speakers and thinking ‘I could never be as comfortable as they are’.

A muted situation. Mostly I feel really frustrated and embarrassed.

I try to use easy words and repetition to describe one thing which is bothering me.